Terms of Service

Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully. By using our services you are accepting that you are aware of all the terms of service and the content of this page. Any purchases for services or digital goods at royalboosting.com will be covered under our Terms of Service. If you have any concerns or disagree with the proposed terms of use in any way, and do not want to accept our terms, please contact us regarding the issue so that it may be discussed.

Terms of Service

1. General terms of use.

1.1.Royalboosting sells time in the form of service. We do not claim to be the owners or representatives of the trademarks, brands and intellectual properties of others – they remain the property of their original copyright owners.
1.2.Royalboosting.com does not offer any physical products or property, therefore is not obligated to send any goods to addresses of its customers. All services available on our website are delivered digitally.
1.3.If you are under 18 years of age, you may only use our service with permission of a parent or legal guardian.
1.4.When purchasing any service on royalboosting.com you are aware that you cannot dispute any purchase or payments with royalboosting.com after the service has been started or has been completed.
1.5.Royalboosting.com reserves the right to adjust anything on the website as they seem fit, including, but not limited to: pricing changes, cancellation of services, or any policies.
1.6.Royalboosting.com is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment and we have no control in any actions Blizzard Entertainment may take on your account.
1.7.Boosters working for royalboosting.com are considered independent contractors and do not represent royalboosting.com. Be assured that our boosters are some of the best professional players around and do not use any third party programs to execute your orders. If you find that you want to switch to a different booster for whatever reason, please contact our support in the live chat.

2. Customer Duties.

2.1.Customers accept by using our services that they are aware and know what they are paying for, and that the Service you are paying for matches your in-Game information. If there are errors in the information you provide when purchasing service from us may result in delay of your boost or reducing the amount of wins/divisions/ranks that you wanted to the amount that the price paid by you matches the correct information of your account.
2.2.Customers accept that they cannot log into their account while the booster is on it or play any games while we are in control of the account until the order is complete. Customers can contact boosters in their order if they want to schedule times the boosters can play to make progress on the order. In these cases, the customer cannot play ranked games to affect the status of the order or we will adjust the order appropriately.
2.3.Customers accept that if they order a SOLO Boost (not duo-queue) that their account may or may not be played on the server client has chosen, unless client specifically specifies within the order notes that the order must be played on a certain server. The reason for this is that Skill Rating transfers from server to server so the order does not have to be done on a specific server.
2.4.All purchases made should be under the assumption that you hold full responsibilities for anything and everything regarding your account.
2.5.Customers reserve the right to know the status of their boost. This can be seen within the order as our boosters will update the order status after every game.

3. Refunds.

3.1.Refunds may be requested, but any possibility of a refund is at the sole discretion of the websites owner.
3.2.Any payment dispute or third-party mediation started by you without contacting us in advance will result in cancellation of your order and no refund.
3.3.Customers accept that if you start a chargeback or open a claim after the order has gone through or the service has started or been completed you are in direct breach of royalboosting.com's terms of use, and are legally bound to either close the chargeback/claim.

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